Were a team of makers, thinkers, explorers, and real estate agents. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful value that connect people and businesses to the region we call home.

The area code that serves Eastern Washington is the 509 - it divides straight down, North to South, along with Cascade Mountain range of Washington State. This mountain divide provides an opposite climate than that found on the Western side of the state. This large swath of land located in the 509 has been called home since I am remember - rural farming communities to bustling cities along rivers and mountain towns along with mountains make up this territory. Home to the Washington State Cougars, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and world class wines and tree fruit - it's a region that makes the world take notice. AGENT509 is a local company based out of the vibrant farming and mountain community of Wenatchee, Washington - almost dead center in location of Washington State, and a place where work and outdoor recreation. The Wenatchee Valley encompasses an area that includes arid desert landscapes and natural beaches along the Columbia River along with manicured parks, as well as the the alpine wilderness of the Cascade Range. The region has become a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts. That environment has served the area well in attracting medical and business professionals, families and retirees. Combine that with the low cost of public power and the combination becomes even more magical. A great place that AGENT509 calls home.

In 2014, just about the time that AGENT509 was launching, we got called out on assignment to work with a family that was in the fresh fruit cherry industry. Lucky - the face of @AGENT509- abandoned weighing just 30 lbs, lost, wandering in November out in the countryside of Yakima Valley. AGENT509 was sent on assignment to do an orchard analysis for a family who was farming 200 acres of cherries and they were wondering if they should sell the operation. Three weeks, we went to Yakima to assist this family...dead of cold in November. The work we did resulted in a bank financing the operation, so no need to sell. We celebrated by going to eat .....all you eat ribs....the orchard owner told us all to keep the scraps. When we got back in, he threw the scraps on the ground and this dog in the photo scarfed them down. So I asked what's the deal? And the orchard owner said he has been feeding this little guy because he liked him...but his wife said no more dogs.....so I asked, can I have them....and here he is today...the face of a leading real estate company in Washington State....I wonder if this little guy ever thought that would happen when he was scrounging for the next meal weighing 30 lbs and cold as anyone? ..... So we named him Lucky.....and now AGENT509 is The Home of Lucky.....true story. Though we never got to sell the 200 acres of orchard....we did get Lucky.