August 25, 2017 | Jeff Hallman
Happy Friday to you all and make it a great weekend. I remember growing up watching Mike Tyson, and man, those were moments of build up, but since Mike bit Holyfields ear off, boxing has never been on my radar...but this fight with Mayweather/McGregor has got mine and a lot folks attention.

But I want to spin this a bit and relate this to real estate...why? Well that's what we do day in and day why not?
Unless your a trust fund baby or someone who won the lottery, buying real estate takes effort and determination. It takes putting off things of enjoyment, like a boat, truck, or a vacation to save money for that down payment....those are not spotlight moments, nobody glamour's on what they saved for our culture of today....its lifted trucks, new boats, and sharing some vacation on Facebook or Instagram.....NOBODY shares the moments of grit and determination when they said NO to their family, kids, or THEMSELVES...if we looked deep down inside...we all know that to be true. As much as boxing has become about the glamour of what they own, the money they make.....behind it all took workouts in a gym, diets where the food doesn't taste as good as what we want it to be, and holding off on drinking when your friends want you to join them on evening celebrations.

In the years that I have been in this industry, the fight to buy real estate is the same fight in the ring....yes, nobody gets beaten physically, but they do get beaten down culturally and emotionally. For example, as a home seller, maybe your home needs some improvements, or a project is not completed, and that is holding you back to getting true market value..... and you need to sell...their are solutions and people who can help. If your renter or current buyer, maybe you getting beat on offers or you read the media that things seem impossible.....don't panic, put time in the gym as they say, and get serious and work with people who know.

Owning your destiny and owning your own home or property align very close.

At Agent509, I want to give you renters or home sellers a message that you don't have to succumb to nobody or scam message that preys on your emotions, but you do got to put in time and play the game within the rules that allow you to achieve your goals. If your a renter, their are steps where you can become a homeowner regardless of what the market situation is, and if your a home seller, there are solutions to getting you MARKET VALUE. Talk is cheap as they say, actions speak louder. Surround yourself with those who have your goals.

Wish you all a great day, and by the way, I got money on McGregor.


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