August 10, 2017 | Jeff Hallman
Its been seen on billboards, ads, and in conversation.....but lets be honest and call things what they are...SCAMS!  Real estate and life in general is full of them...we are associated with National Association of Realtors, their creed is associated around promoting a culture of ethics that realizes the dangers and spots that we can find ourselves in, and believe me, there a lot.   You see, this type of SCAM  ain't like a building or physical structure where you can see the d...anger....for example, like a DANGER sign when you are can see it, and thus you avoid it. But how do you avoid something you can't see with your emotions to a result are so high?

 This SCAM marketing  program tells people the same company who represent your asset will also guarantee to buy it if it does not sell  in 29 days, 35 days, heck, I have even seen 7 days.  So a seller entrusts a company  to get actual market value for your real estate holding is the same one who will buy it?  From what we have heard is its at 70 cents on the dollar.  You see, I wont stand for Agent509 we wear one hat....and that hat, is to maximize our clients ability to bear what the free market will bring to a seller. Often in situations, we have talked clients out of selling their home to purchase another, Skip Hughes, Buyer/Investor Specialist with Agent509 looks at  each situation and has helped dozens of 30 somethings see the big picture. These marketing billboards PREY on the weak....those who just suffered news of a divorce, news of a medical problem, or even prey on the senior citizens who don't know todays value.  EVERYONE wants a guarantee.....but to get the best to work at a plan that improves your chances as a home seller or buyer to get the result you want.  There are no shortcuts.....not in your job or in your real estate investments.  Messages like the 29 day program are sensational.....they are so ABOVE believing that they are viral in nature....and like a virus in nature....they are dangerous.

 Agent509 was formed years ago, from some great people who took the time to shape our culture and how we deal with our clients in a free market capacity, and we won't let them down.
 A company offered us this same program...but I shot that down from the first 10 seconds...these programs are schemes....and I wont allow Agent509 to belong or be associated with a scheme.  You see, no matter how many sales a company does, that does not mean they are good.  For example, is McDonald's good for you? Over a billion served?  Perspective is important.

 Our homes are one of the prime sources of retirement for all of us...pensions are a thing of the past....schemes have no seat at the table of discussion, no matter your situation.  Their are good companies and people in this industry, we are one of many, but think twice when something sounds to good to be true, not just in real estate, but in life.



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