August 30, 2017 | Lucky Hallman
The decision to uproot and sell your home has presented itself. Now it's just a matter of figuring out whom is going to sell your long-time investment. We all have a friend that knows someone who is "really good". You have endless real estate agents you can choose from within your community and there's even some agents that claim to sell your home in 29 days or they buy it. Bottom line is, everyone has their own level of expectations. One’s level may be far different from your own. And the expectation of getting out from under your mortgage within 29 days is just as far a stretch. So, with all these decisions to make, why not try and sell your home on your own? Let me tell you why that may not be such a good idea after all.

1. Marketing your home-
There are many sites that offer tools to help the "For Sale by Owner" to put their home on the market. However, sellers are unlikely to get the exposure they need that could reach their target audience. A buyer! Putting a sign in your front yard lets your neighbors know your selling but what about the buyers that are looking to relocate or coming in from out of town? How are you going to reach them?
How an agent can help: Using an agent automatically offers widespread exposure for your listing through the multiple listing service. Your real estate agent will also have the means to promote your house to fellow agents to share with their clients.

2. Listing Price of Your Home- 
Those who choose to list their own homes tend to set a price that is based on using an online assessment tool or the lofty sum that the neighbor down the street claims they were offered. These two methods are liable to put the listing price way off. There’s no substitute for actual market knowledge.
How an agent can help: A real estate agent will provide an accurate home value based on a comprehensive market analysis to help you arrive at the right listing price. The goal is to make sure you’re pricing your home in the sweet spot-not too high so that you are turning off potential buyers, and not too low so you are leaving money on the table.
3. Fixin’ To Sell-
If you have some cosmetic changes or minor repairs to handle before listing your home, make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing. Amateur paint jobs, an overgrown yard, or even a broken doorbell can tell a buyer that you neglected the care of your home.
How an agent can help: Even if you’re not up for a full home makeover, your agent has an eye for detail and can recommend simple, budget-conscious decisions that can translate into real dollars when it comes negotiation time.

4. Showing Your Home- 
It's ShowTime! This is where you start to feel the FSBO blues. People wanting to come in and see where you eat, sleep and live. The only way this can work, is if you can accommodate a flexible schedule and be available at the drop of a hat.
How an agent can help: Your agent will handle all the scheduling and staff the tours for you, so all you have to do is quickly tidy up and vacate. Another reason would be, is that buyers can get a little uneasy with a seller being present. Agents also will weed out unsuitable offers and collect feedback that potential buyers might be unwilling to share directly with the seller, which can make subsequent showings even stronger.

5. Ahh, the paperwork-
Unless you have a background in contracts or law, you might want to leave the paperwork to the pros. The closing process can entail more than 20 pages of complicated paperwork, including the contract and addendums designed to cover all the situations that could go wrong. For example, houses built before 1978 require an addendum regarding lead-based paint and some states need a release confirming the presence of carbon monoxide detectors.
How an agent can help: Your agent will take care of all property disclosures and corresponding documentation to avoid future liability and possible lawsuits.

In the world of real estate, there are so many options to choose from and so much to learn. In the end, the most important thing is to find what works for YOU and your investment. So when you have questions, please reach out to us at Agent509. You have questions, we have answers.


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