January 2, 2018 | Eric Estrada
Food for thought on trends if your a current renter but tired of increased rents or perceived barriers to entry on home ownership....AGENT509 is a problem solving company, and Skip Hughes with AGENT509 can be reached at 206.909.7272 on overcoming those barriers; whether mental, strategic or financial moves that you need to be making to "get into position" to become a home owner and stop the increase in rents for years to come.....I ran upon this article this morning.....from the website GoingBankRates.com, Seattle has been a hotbed of economic activity and growth in recent years. As the city has taken off, housing prices have blown up as well. In two years, the median list price in Seattle jumped by almost a third, from $475,000 to $630,000 as of April 2017.

Cost of living in Seattle is getting so bad that, according to a recent survey, 45 percent of millennials living in the area said they think they will have to move to a cheaper city if they want to maintain the same standard of living. And, it takes a salary of $75,283 to live comfortably in Seattle — the second-highest amount of the cities on this list.




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