June 1, 2018 | Jeff Hallman
This month's cover features my two friends from the other side of the mountains. Ed and Jason - both started out as teachers at Newport High School in Bellevue the same year, and they taught an outdoor pursuit class after hours to take kids into pursuits of fun - way cool in my view. Newport High School is lucky to have these two teachers in it's staff. Jason and his wife worked with AGENT509 on finding a vacation property where he could shoot guns and have a tiny house...which we found. From that point, Jason brought over his friends who all or most are teachers from the same school. Ed was a regular, escaping the city to pursue the mountain trails of NCW - he is an avid mountain biker, but not the funnest to bike with....he likes to go uphill first and then downhill.....whereas Jason and Jeff like the downhill portion only! These guys are two great people who you might run into in the mountains and they deserve to be recognized. Boys - enjoy your summer. Make some stuff happen! All the best.



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