August 6, 2018 | Jeff Hallman
Good afternoon everyone, this is Daniel with AGENT509.  I wanted to share  with  you all some reflections and thoughts I had on a recent vacation to Maui, HI.  It sounds kind of crazy, but I  had the feeling to come back to work  only 5 days into my vacation? Is it just  me that feels this? What can I do to keep that feeling from being there , and  how can I make that disconnection?  

Do people buy vacation home s such as condos and cabins  just hours away from where they work so  that they have that safety net of having the choice to drive back to work if they had to?  

Here is a link to Leavenworth Homes -

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After day 5 of  being on  vacation in Maui, Hawaii  I was ready to go home. All I could think of was wor the I had ahead of myself.  As I sat at the beach, which is really hard  to do…haha , there was this sense of wanting to get up and go…but I could not, since I had  an ocean to cover and a plane to catch to make that happen.  What is interesting is how vacation areas that are within a 2-3 hour drive could actually work and fulfill this need to scoot …..but properties that require a plan e, really make this more difficult.   I had to really knock some sense into myself  and tell myself how fortunate and blessed I was to be there  to make  slight disconnection of wanting to go work.  As I was sitting there wishing to be back home, working  I just  sat  there and remembered as a kid seeing Hawaii on the map and saying,   “One day I will fly to an Island”. Going back to that was a big help in the struggle I was having  while on vacation.   So,  my question is  . . . Do we feel more comfortable buying a cabin or condo that is 2-3 hours away  from work  versus buying one that requires a plane  trip ?  I am curious as to what you all think…remember, I am in college and this type of stuff is what I am trying to figure out …. maybe  you have?  If so, please share with your experience? Feel free to drop your answers and thoughts in the comment sect ion or PM me  
 Thank you, 
 Daniel Garcia 
College  Intern | Client Success, 
AGENT509 | Homes & Equity R E. Group  


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