A Scenario of Buying a $300K Home
September 26, 2018 | Skip Hughes
A great buying tip from  Skip Hughes, Designated Broker | REALTOR at AGENT509 | Homes & Equity R.E Group.
 So we all know renting is just paying your landlords mortgage, right? At the end of the day you have zero dollars..
 Now let’s take a scenario of buying a $300K home. Let's assume 3.5% down.($10,500 where I  negotiate the buyers closing costs into the transaction. Lets say we are calculating 2.5% appreciation, and a 7 yr hold. At the end of 7 yrs the $10,500 will turn into $100,250! ($10,500 down payment plus $51,539 appreciation plus $38,216 in principal reduction).That is a $954% cash on cash return. And appreciation for the last 20 yrs in Wenatchee is 118% fyi…

 Think about that renters...

 For more assistance on understanding the process of home ownership, contact Skip Hughes at 206.909.7272 or email at skip@agent509.com.  All the best!



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