July 29, 2019 at 3:11pm | Jeff Hallman
The Gorge Amphitheatre one of our favorite places to watch a concert...an hour away is such a venue of beauty. In 2018, AGENT509 helped a client purchase a trendy shed style home that was 576 sq. ft...we were the first of 6 being built. Our client got under contract for $179K....new construction, lots of delays...the listing agent was calling our client directly asking if he would sell it for $200K, then 30 days later, $250K, then later $275K, then later, $350K...no joke, and not very nice nor legal in our view, in fact our client became a little paranoid that the seller was trying to get out of this agreed contract because of the sellers agents actions, and who can blame a person for thinking that way. For comparison, the same unit our client bought for $179K was now asking or $400K...that's $219K return without even closing it yet....talk about return on invesment...we got lucky as they say.
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