March 25, 2020 at 8:51am | Jeff Hallman
If you’re located in the Wenatchee Valley, Edwin, and Melissa Eaton, owners of IPro Building Services will be donating and delivering essential products this Saturday. They will be donating 3 rolls of toilet paper, 2 bars of soap, and 1 kitchen paper towel roll in an “essentials package.”

There are a lot of elderly and people that are affected by COVID-19 that cannot make it out to the stores so we have no problem dropping off on porches or front doors. Ipro Building Services supplies are somewhat limited but they should be able to assist 200 residents in the Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Rock Island and Malaga areas that are in dire need. They are also partnering with one of their AWESOME distributors, Blue Ribbon Linen Supply.

AGENT509 and Alignment Pros & Express Lube are donating cash today which will help Ipro Building Services get more supplies to handout! Please share to spread the word!

If you or your company want to help in this cause, contact Edwin and learn more about IPro Building Services on their Facebook page #people #donations #partners #helpingothers #teamwork



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